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Bring a new device is always a joy, but setting up the same could be a tough task. So, lets get rid off the same and set up your Canon printer. Download the relevant drivers through ij.start.canon or http //ij.start.canon. Click “Get Started” to initiate.

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Ij Start Canon | Ij.Start.Canon | Http //Ij.Start.Canon

Let’s start with setup and install your Canon printer now using the authentic link ij.start.canon or http //ij.start.canon. Download canon ij setup the drivers relevant to your printer and configure it.

There are several brands available in the market who manufacture a variety of printers. Canon is a well-known manufacturer known for their featured and user friendly printers. So, to install these printers simply, follow the instructions given on the official website link “ij.start.canon” or “http:// ij.start.canon.

Canon ij setup offers a wide range of features with their printers, following is the list:

Easy to set up–Canon printers are really easy to set up as they are compatible with both wired and wireless connections with your devices. As per your preference, you can connect it via USB, Wi-Fi, and even Bluetooth.

Auto Duplex Printing–Canon has various models which offer auto duplex printing. Hence, if you want to write a book and get it printing without wasting paper, this solves the purpose.

Wireless Auto Power On–This feature reduces the manual intervention as one has to print or scan to awaken the printer when this goes off.

Quiet Mode–No more disturbing noises from your printer. Canon offers printers with quiet mode to avoid any disrupting noises to harm your attention and hearing.

Unboxing Your Canon Printer and Preparing it for Installation

1.The first and foremost step is to unbox your canon printer, take it out of the box.

2. Also take out the attachments and material that came along with your Canon printer, like power adapter, cartridges, etc.

3. Now, start removing all the orange tapes from your printer.

4. Once done, turn the printer on and insert the toner or cartridges into the toner carriage.

5. After that, load the stack of letter-size paper in the paper tray.

6. So now, you are done with unboxing and the preparation to install your printer.

canon ij setup - MG 2120

How to download the Canon printer drivers via “canon.com/ijsetup”.

1. First, open up a browser to go to http //ij.start.canon website.

2. Second, once you have landed on the Canon official website, you will see a setup button. So, click the button to start the setup guide.

3. Now, select the model name of your printer from the list or you can enter the same into the search box on your own as well.

4. Once you have selected the printer model, choose the operating system version to proceed with the respective drivers installation.

5. Go ahead to select the compatible drivers and download the file.

6. Finally, the drivers are downloaded to your device.

How to install Canon printer drivers and run Canon Pixma Printer Wireless Setup.

Canon Wireless Printer Setup

1. As you have downloaded the drivers from “ij.start canon”, so go to the destination folder and double-click the exe. file to start the setup.

2. The next step will be to choose the printer’s location and language.

3. After that, read the terms and conditions manual and tap “I agree” to start the installation.

4. While installing the drivers, choose the connection method as wired or wireless as per your choice.

5. If chosen wireless, then it will ask for your wi-fi network name and passcode. So, please enter the required details.

6. Once the connection between your wireless router and printer has been established. I will prompt to test print anything.

7. Try to print a test page from your device and check the quality of the print as well.

8. Next, put the printed side on the flatbed or glass as per your printer model to get the printer cartridge alignment done.

9. Now, you are all set to use your printer with your wireless devices.

http //ij.start.canon - Canon Printer setup

How to Install Canon printer drivers and install printer with USB through “https://ij.start.canon”.

1. Open the downloaded file to start the setup wizard.

2. Then, select the printer’s precise location and language.

3. Now, run the setup wizard by accepting the terms and conditions.

4. Next, it will prompt you to choose between the connection methods, so select via USB.

5. After that, connect the USB cable to your printer and computer as shown in the image.

6. It will take a while to configure the settings and update once connected.

7. Complete the setup wizard to install the required software.

8. And now, your printer is perfectly installed via USB.

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